Our Customer Service Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing our clients with affordable design services, with special attention to customer service and satisfaction.

Our Design Philosophy

Native Design Services believes in designing a website that is targeted to your specific market audience. One must keep the limitations that might be faced by your target market; not all your visitors may have the latest, faster processors in their computers, or perhaps they do not have hi-speed or broadband internet access. In fact, there is still a significant number using older web browsers or 56k dial-up access, particularly in non-urban, rural and far north areas of the country.

With the newer technologies available in today's smartphone and tablet browsers, you also want to keep your website viewable to these on-the-go mobile users. Don't narrow your market needlessly by "shutting out" potential visitors by using only high-end animations, plug-ins and high bandwidth pages! Why not consider having your website re-designed to be responsive to both desktop computer users as well as mobile web users!

We specialize in creating affordable websites that are truly usable by the people to whom it is targeted. Our development process incorporates such factors as market usability studies, established design standards, multiple browser compatibility, responsiveness to the mobile market, search engine ranking, and much more.

We walk you through the process

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and are new to the business world, therefore we do our best to allay any potential fears or concerns during this often-stressful period in your business' launch.

We've explained to many of our clients: "Half our job is creation, the other half is education". This is because we pride ourselves on walking our clients through the creative process, explaining why things are done a certain way, what are the industry standards and answering their questions as we go along.

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